So I’m a Spider, So What? Volume 16 Pdf

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THE PRICE WE PAY. Sacrifice the goddess to save humanity, or sacrifice humanity to save the goddess? …What kind of sadist would throw the entire world into chaos with an impossible choice like that?! D, obviously. The head honchos of the Word of God religionare doing all they can to tip the scales in humanity’s favor, so they’re backing Güli-güli 100 percent. Meanwhile, me and the Demon Lord are fighting the good fight for team Save Sariel! So what if a few hundred thousand humans die? That doesn’t make us the baddies, right? Either way, it’s time for the grand finale! it’s all or nothingin this battle of the gods! And if Iknow D, she’s just gonna kick back and watch as we fight tooth, nail, and spinneret for our happily ever after!

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