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With the gryphon slain and the schemes of the palace’s nobles thwarted, Lyle’s party decides to spread the true story of what happened around the royal capital to ensure nothing is covered up. By the time the operation is in full swing, they begin hearing disturbing rumors—whispers that the crown prince has annulled his marriage to the Princess of Banseim’s neighboring land, Fonbeau, meaning war could break out between the two nations at any moment. The situation is grave, yet the citizens of the capital seem oddly unaffected. Then, in a chance meeting with Princess Lianne, Lyle learns the truth: the odd events unfolding in the capital can all be traced back to one person—his sister and fated foe, Ceres. What is the true nature of the Heretical God’s Child’s power? And now that Ceres is finally making her move, sowing chaos among the people of Banseim, will she succeed in plunging the kingdom into ruin?

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