Seventh Volume 4 Epub

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Now that Lyle and his party have found a new home in the Academic City of Aramthurst, a location known for its underground dungeon and where any trade can be picked up for a fee, they’re ready to tackle their next objectives—expanding their party and gaining new skills. There’s only one problem: how are they going to keep themselves in funds? Lyle’s initial plan is to make coin within the lucrative halls of Aramthurst’s dungeon, but this idea is quickly quashed when he finds out entrance to it is strictly controlled by the Academy. And with a party that’s way too small and a list of achievements that’s about one line long, Lyle doesn’t stand a chance of impressing them. In fact, his prospects only get worse when he manages to run afoul of some Academy nobles. As always, Lyle turns to his ancestors for help, but all they do is nag and complain. Still, Lyle is determined to blaze forward. Is he…entering his rebellious phase?!

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