Seventh Volume 3 Epub

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Lyle Walt and his party have only recently returned to Darion, but once they hear a new dungeon has appeared in the area, Lyle decides he’s going to be on the subjugation team—no matter what. Before long, he’s enlisted the aid of Rondo and his party and schemed his way onto the expedition. Unfortunately, the team’s excitement is quickly deflated by reality, and Lyle realizes that dungeon subjugation is far more perilous than he’s ever imagined. Trapped between a group of hot-blooded, competitive adventurers and an enemy lurking among the Guild personnel, Lyle’s party finds themselves struggling to make any money in the dungeon at all, let alone conquer it! Lyle’s left with no choice but to trust his ancestors’ advice to keep them all afloat. And as their time at the dungeon draws to a close, the question remains: will Lyle’s party actually be able to battle monsters, gain experience, and get themselves some treasure? Or will they fail to even recoup their initial investment…?

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