Seventh Volume 2 Pdf

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Disgraced nobleman Lyle Walt has finally started to make a name for himself as an adventurer after leading the charge to defeat a group of bandits plaguing the city of Darion. He’s even started to gain the respect of the seven generations of ancestors whose spirits reside inside the pendant he wears around his neck. But learning a few Arts and earning some respect hasn’t helped much with his current goal: finding a way to support himself and the growing cast of women in his life. As Lyle forges on, he finds himself tangled in the intricate web of Darion’s local politics and fighting to survive the dangers of his first dungeon. He even grows closer to a man he once thought despised him—Basil Walt, the fierce warrior and barbarian tamer who founded his house. But as Lyle’s understanding of Basil deepens, he begins to realize that the founder’s plans for the future might not align with his own…

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