Sasaki and Peeps Light Novel Epub

You can now Download Sasaki and Peeps: That Time I Got Dragged into a Psychic Battle in Modern Times While Trying to Enjoy a Relaxing Life in Another World ~Looks Like Magical Girls Are On Deck~ Light Novel Epub



Tired and unfulfilled by his dead-end job, Sasaki decides to adopt Peeps, an adorable pet Java sparrow. Peeps, however, is really Piercarlo, a powerful sage from another world! After Peeps bestows Sasaki with magic and the ability to cross worlds, the two decide to export household items for profit in pursuit of a leisurely lifestyle. But when Sasaki’s new magic gets him mixed up in a whole other kind of supernatural struggle back in Japan, will it destroy his chances at realizing the relaxing life of his dreams?

  1. Sasaki and Peeps Volume 01 Epub —————– Download
  2. Sasaki and Peeps Volume 02 Epub —————– Download
  3. Sasaki and Peeps Volume 03 Epub —————– Download
  4. Sasaki and Peeps Volume 04 Epub —————– Download

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