Sasaki and Miyano: First-Years Light Novel Epub

You can now Download Sasaki and Miyano: First-Years Light Novel Epub


What were Hirano and Sasaki like as first-years? How did Kuresawa become so dedicated to his mysterious, BL-loving girlfriend? And what’s going to happen between Kagiura and Hirano on Pocky Day?! Find out in this collection of stories that reveals how Miyano and Hirano became friends, what the upperclassmen were like when they started high school, and a behind-the-scenes look at their circle of friends. See how the story unfolds from new perspectives, and get more details about what goes on in these beloved characters’ lives.

  1. Sasaki and Miyano: First-Years Volume 01 epub —————– Download
  2. Sasaki and Miyano: Second-Years Volume 02 epub —————– Download

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