Re:RE — Reincarnator Executioner Volume 2 Pdf

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Metamorphosis. Little has been left unchanged throughout the journey of Dill Steel-Link, Sid Faron, and Nue Kirisaki. The only constant might be Dill himself, who remains single-minded in his quest for revenge against the Reincarnators and reclaim the body of his daughter, Iris. At long last, as a reward for besting his foremost foe, he’s obtained a hint as to her whereabouts. It’s his first solid lead in five years of searching, but the war against the Reincarnators rages on. The line between Dill’s friends and foes blurs by the day. Who can he really trust? What guise will the enemy assume next? Dill and the Halberd Brigade fight valiantly for the future of the city of Vulcan and all of Redguard, but with half of the city and most of the world already subjugated by the Reincarnators, can they survive—let alone prevail?

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