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Kyouya Hashiba, who worked at a game company, had his dream shattered and decided to return to his parents’ home, but after waking up, it was ten years ago…… For some reason, he was attending the arts college that he was supposed to have given up on, furthermore, the creators that he admired in the future were his classmates!?

Associated Names
Bokutachi no Remake
Bokutachi no Remake! Juu Nen Mae ni Modotte Creator ni Narou!
Remake our Life! Let’s time-travel to 10 years ago and reenjoy creative and sweet youthful days.
ぼくたちのリメイク 十年前に戻ってクリエイターになろう!
  1. VOLUME 01 —————-DOWNLOAD
  2. VOLUME 02 —————-DOWNLOAD

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  1. Can I ask? I’m from Philippines (PH). When volume 3 Release?
    In Japan volume 1 to 8 Already comeout!. Why volume 3 isn’t Release?. Any Problem?

  2. Hey fellow philippinian! Sadly volume 3 isn’t translated yet, we can only wait ;_; I also don’t know if somebody is currently translating it. I really want to know what happens next! But I abstain from watching the anime until I read vol3 for no reason

  3. When will the Volume 3 release? In japan the Volume 10(Final Volume I Guess) is about to release

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