Regarding Blocked download links

I have been informed that certain internet service providers, namely VirginMedia and Vodafone, have blocked access to If the download link is blocked by any other ISP, please send us a mail at [email protected], and we will reach out to them to resolve the issue. This blocking appears to be an error. Alternatively, you can download your files using different ISPs.

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  2. Sky broadband has recently had an update that also blocks, however if you open Sky Shield & take the tick out of Malware & Spyware sites it works again.
    Looks like a lot of the providers have added as a risk

  3. I solved mine by searching on YouTube!

    For Google Chrome:
    Settings =>
    Privacy and Security =>
    Use secure DNS =>
    Choose another provider =>
    Custom => Google (Public DNS)

    Fair warning for others, this is NOT a VPN, it is a Public DNS, with their own policies.
    Hope to y’all don’t get in trouble! o7

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