Record of Wortenia War Volume 17 Pdf

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Ryoma’s showdown with the other nobles begins in earnest!

The House of Lords’ hearing is finally underway, and Rhoadseria’s nobles viciously question Ryoma about his war with Count Salzberg. Ryoma is prepared for anything they can throw at him, and thanks to Signus’s and Robert’s testimonies, the hearing progresses in Ryoma’s favor. Ryoma, however, has enemies in high places, and when Queen Lupis steps in to personally hand down the verdict, the situation turns ugly. With no choice but to run, Ryoma makes to escape the capital with Lione’s detachment, only to be met with help from an unexpected ally!

Will Queen Lupis put an end to Ryoma’s plans to conquer Rhoadseria? Or will Ryoma and his growing list of allies outsmart and overthrow the indecisive sovereign?

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