Record of Wortenia War Volume 16 Epub

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The Kingdom of Rhoadseria’s House of Lords summons Ryoma Mikoshiba as a “witness,” so he travels to the capital to meet with them. However, the House of Lords aren’t the only ones welcoming Ryoma with ulterior motives. Everyone, even the queen, seems to be conspiring against him.

Resolved to rebel against the kingdom, Ryoma holds a large evening party flaunting the riches of the now-prosperous Wortenia Peninsula in a bid to turn the neutral nobles to his side. Not everyone is in a party mood, though, as uninvited guests sneak in to assassinate Ryoma!

Will the House of Lords attempt to arrest Ryoma for his war with Count Salzberg? And just who is sending these assassins? The winds of rebellion kick up once again in Rhoadseria!

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