Private Tutor to the Duke’s Daughter Volume 8 Pdf

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All paths converge on the eastern capital. With the frontiers secure, the armies of three ducal houses march on the last bastion of the insurrection and its foreign allies, determined to relieve the besieged beastfolk population and put an end to the civil war. But the frantic Lady Lydia Leinster races ahead, burning her way through every obstacle in her desperation to learn the fate of her missing partner, Allen. As she spirals out of control, her growing power threatens to incinerate her humanity along with her enemies. Only the combined efforts of Lydia’s friends and Allen’s students stand a chance of restoring the rampaging swordswoman to her senses before it’s too late, but their undertaking won’t amount to much if the rebellion’s last gasp destroys the city with them in it.

The upheaval in the kingdom is drawing to a close, and it will take the birth of a new legend to make its end anything but tragic.

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