Private Tutor to the Duke’s Daughter Volume 12 Pdf

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Mere days remain until the church’s designs on the city of water reach fruition. With no allied army on the way, Allen and Lydia prepare to fight alone against an array of deadly foes: a vampire who nearly killed them once before, a master of taboo sorcery, a lethal swordswoman, and two noblemen who hold the city in their grip. Behind them all looms the enigmatic Saint, who always seems to stay a step ahead of her opponents. Even victory on the battlefield may prove meaningless if Allen fails to unravel her schemes. But just when the odds seem insurmountable, the cavalry arrives in the form of Allen’s young students. Fresh from storming an impregnable fortress, the girls can’t wait to prove their worth and save their tutor. But how much difference can they make in this clash of legends? And can Allen bear to send them into battle, even with his own life on the line?

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