Onmyoji and Tengu Eyes Volume 2 Epub

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You can now download Onmyoji and Tengu Eyes Volume 2 epub


Hide & Peak

Once again, two otherworldly friends find themselves in the midst of a strange, supernatural mystery—and this time, demons are involved!

After defeating the inugami, Misato’s team at the Abnormal Disaster Unit entrusts the good-looking onmyoji with the resolution of a new enigma. At the same time, hot-blooded freelance monk Ryouji is discreetly tasked with a missing person case in Izumo: Katsuki Narukami, Misato’s beloved younger brother, has vanished.

As their respective investigations progress, uncanny similarities between the two cases begin to surface and the more it seems like Ryouji and Misato are the latest players in an increasingly sinister game of tag.

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