My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World Volume 7 Epub

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You can now download My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World Volume 7 epub


With the empire now off their backs, Forge Eizo welcomes Anne as a permanent member of the family! Eizo offers to buy everyone gifts as rewards for their hard work, but they suggest something else—each member of the household gets to spend an entire day alone with him. Meanwhile, Camilo informs Eizo of a commission request from an unexpected customer: Marius! The count is finally getting married, and he wants a set of custom wedding rings. Just one problem—Marius wants them made from meghizium, a rare and expensive metal that only a handful of blacksmiths in the world can manipulate. Eizo is excited for the challenge, but the atmosphere turns dire when a fairy named Gizelle appears and asks for his aid in curing a disease. Our humble blacksmith already has his hands full with the wedding bands…but “Doctor Eizo” also has a nice ring to it!

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