My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World Volume 5 Pdf

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After a successful rescue mission in the empire, Eizo welcomes Helen to the family. Life at the forge is peaceful once more, though living in the Black Forest comes with its own set of dangers. The family encounters another aggressive bear, and once they dispatch it, they find and adopt an orphaned wolf pup. With yet another mouth to feed, Eizo knows he must continue to test the limits of his cheats. His next challenge? Working with a rare, stubborn metal called appoitakara. Using this metal, Eizo forges Helen a new pair of swords and then decides to design a katana for himself! These powerful weapons come in handy when Samya tells Eizo about a type of ore located in the dangerous heart of the forest. When the family ventures out to search for it, they meet a young woman who is a mercenary and stumble upon the ultimate wild beast—a dragon! New faces, new monsters, and new metals are on the horizon for Forge Eizo, but is there any quiet life to be found?

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