Monster Tamer Volume 13 Epub

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After a desperate struggle with the Maclaurin Provincial Army, Takahiro, his servants, and the villages’ elves manage to escape their pursuers. His group then moves to Aker’s capital at Prince Philip’s behest so that they can form an alliance. They are far from safe, however. Not only do they need to fend off further threats from Margrave Maclaurin, but now that their secret has been exposed, they must find a way to get the general populace to accept Takahiro’s servants.

One day, during their stay at Aker’s royal palace, Iino Yuna unexpectedly visits Takahiro as the church’s envoy to invite him to the imperial capital. Concerned about the unrest spreading through the people, the church wants to discuss an armistice with Margrave Maclaurin. Can Takahiro create peace and happiness for those he holds dear, or will his existence destroy the very foundations of this world?

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