Monster Tamer Volume 10 Pdf

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After helping Shiran with her insatiable hunger, Takahiro and his group finally arrive at Shiran’s hometown…only to find it under attack by a mysterious company of armored men. Seeing her countrymen being slaughtered, Shiran loses control of herself and takes off on a ghoul rampage. Takahiro quickly gives chase.
In the short confrontation to follow, Shiran runs out of mana, Gerbera is debilitated by strange magic, and the group learns the true nature of the threat they’re up against. It turns out the men attacking the town are none other than the strongest knights in the world, those sworn to protect the people alongside the saviors—the Holy Order.
In this direst of situations with two of his best fighters weakened, Takahiro defiantly takes up the sword himself to defend everyone.

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