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You can now Download Monster Girl Doctor(Monster Musume no Oisha-san) Light Novel volumes in (.PDF) Format


Wherever the monster girl doctor goes, monster girls will soon follow! Glenn and Sapphee, along with Tisalia and her attendants, head to the harpy village high in the Vivre Mountains, but it soon becomes clear that harpies won’t be his only patients. Besides a moody and flightless harpy, Glenn finds himself tending to a bedridden centaur and maybe even a destructive force of nature–not to mention fending off the attentions of a very assertive arachne. Can glenn handle the wiles of these monstrous girls?

  1. VOLUME 01 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  2. VOLUME 02 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  3. VOLUME 03 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  4. VOLUME 04 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  5. VOLUME 05 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  6. VOLUME 06 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  7. VOLUME 07 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  8. VOLUME 00 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  9. VOLUME 08 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  10. VOLUME 09 ——————— DOWNLOAD
  11. VOLUME 10 ——————— DOWNLOAD

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