[MANGA][CBZ] Yona of the Dawn

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Set in a fictional nation that draws inspiration from a mixture of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cultures, the story follows the redemption of Yona, the sole princess to the Kingdom of Kouka. Yona lives the carefree life of a princess in Hiryuu Castle, being sheltered by her pacifistic father, King Il, and protected by her bodyguard and childhood friend Hak. During a party celebrating her sixteenth birthday, her other childhood friend and crush of many years, Su-Won, comes to pay tribute to her. Upon revealing her intention to someday marry him to her father, Yona is shocked and dismayed when King Il pointedly forbids her from choosing Su-Won as a husband. That night, Yona visits her father’s chambers again, determined to convince him to change his mind. Instead, she walks in on Su-Won driving a sword through King Il’s chest, revealing that he’d planned a Coup d’état and would become Kouka’s next King. She attempts to run away, only to be chased and nearly killed by Su-Won’s guards. Hak intervenes and they escape from the castle to Hak’s birthplace, Fuuga, the capital of the Wind Tribe. Under the suggestion of Hak’s grandfather Son Mundok, Yona and Hak search for a priest named Ik-Su, who then tells them the legend of the first king of Kouka, Hiryuu, and the Four Dragon Warriors who unified the kingdom. Yona and Hak, joined by Ik-Su’s assistant Yun, begin a journey to find the descendants of the legendary Four Dragon Warriors in order to survive and save the Kingdom of Kouka.

  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02
  3. VOLUME 03
  4. VOLUME 04
  5. VOLUME 05
  6. VOLUME 06
  7. VOLUME 07
  8. VOLUME 08
  9. VOLUME 09
  10. VOLUME 10
  11. VOLUME 11
  12. VOLUME 12
  13. VOLUME 13
  14. VOLUME 14
  15. VOLUME 15
  16. VOLUME 16
  17. VOLUME 17
  18. VOLUME 18
  19. VOLUME 19
  20. VOLUME 20
  21. VOLUME 21
  22. VOLUME 22
  23. VOLUME 23
  24. VOLUME 24
  25. VOLUME 25
  26. VOLUME 26
  27. VOLUME 27
  28. VOLUME 28
  29. VOLUME 29
  30. VOLUME 30
  31. VOLUME 31
  32. VOLUME 32
  33. VOLUME 33
  34. VOLUME 34
  35. VOLUME 35
  36. VOLUME 36
  37. VOLUME 37
  38. VOLUME 38
  39. VOLUME 39
  40. VOLUME 40

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