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When the Tokyo Metropolitan Government applies a new, futuristic urban infrastructure management system called J-ctOS, it appears to be an instant success. Citizens’ lives are quickly improved thanks to the ease of interconnectivity and convenience. However, all is not as it seems; while everything may appear to be going well, there are secrets lurking behind Blume Japan, the creator of J-ctOS.

Inspector Goda Gordon is a dedicated, honorable policeman who believes in justice above all — a mindset that is harder and harder to hold onto as his investigations continue to hit dead ends. After some off-the-books sleuthing, he comes to understand the grip that J-ctOS has on every aspect of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, including its police department. Soon, he realizes that his only option to fight the injustice and corruption in his city may lie in the hands of a group of vigilante hackers known as DEDSEC.

How far is Inspector Gordon willing to go in his fight against J-ctOS? And who, exactly, is DEDSEC?

  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02


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