[MANGA][CBZ] This Art Club Has a Problem!

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Hi, my name is Usami Mizuki. I’m a second year member of the art club at Tsukumori Junior High, and I need to vent: this club has a problem! Why the heck isn’t anyone besides me taking this seriously?! The club president doesn’t do anything but sleep all the time, Cole-chan never even shows up, and Uchimaki-kun—oh, don’t get me started on him. All he does is draw and obsess over his “2D waifus.” What is this, the manga club?! Hmph, whatever. Not like I care. Sigh. He’s talented enough to win awards with a little effort—but uhm, don’t…don’t tell him I said that, though… Agh! Just how am I supposed to keep this club going?! Help me!

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