[MANGA][CBZ] The Retired Demon of the Maxed-Out Village

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On the advice of a suspicious bard, Albrea—the kingdom’s strongest knight—sets off to the remote village of Montt to slay an evil demon. However, when she arrives, Albrea finds out the demon is just a retired old man! And he’s far from the only strange inhabitant—there’s also a demonic sword taking the form of a young girl, a money-hungry witch, and a drunken priest. As it turns out, the village has another, lesser-known name—the Maxed-Out Village—and is home to many of the kingdom’s greatest heroes! With help from those she came to fight, can Albrea learn what it truly means to be a knight? And what was the bard’s real reason for sending her to Montt in the first place?

  1. VOLUME 01


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