[MANGA][CBZ] The Man Who Shattered My World

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Tachibana is a handsome top who exclusively has no-strings-attached sex with slender, pretty men. When he picks up the brawny, confident Kuzumi on a whim, he doesn’t expect much to be different… except Kuzumi flips the script on him, telling Tachibana: “I love turning men like you into my little bitch.”

Kuzumi is merciless in his attentions, and Tachibana finds himself helpless to resist. In one night, everything Tachibana thought he knew about sex and desire gets turned on its head, and he finds himself coming back for more. But can he trust Kuzumi with more than just his body – or will he be discarded by the other man as soon as he gets bored?

A top vs. top BL love story swaying between pride and desire!

NOTE: This title contains explicit sexual content, including various sexual kinks such as bondage/restraints and edging. It also includes situations involving dubious consent, drugs, and stalking. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

  1. VOLUME 01

PASSWORD: zeR00books

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