[MANGA][CBZ] The Detective Is Already Dead

You can now Download The Detective Is Already Dead manga in .cbz format.


The dead detective and her assistant come to life in this manga adaptaion! I, Kimihiko Kimizuka, was an ordinary high school student. Sure, I had a penchant for getting dragged into all sorts of trouble, but was otherwise ordinary-until I met her. The detective, Siesta. Her angelically beautiful face and cool disposition in the face of plane hijackers swept me off my feet…and the next thing I knew, I’d spent the next three years off on a whirlwind adventure acting as her assistant. After all, I was the Watson to her Sherlock. But then…she died. It didn’t end there, though. No, our story only really began a year later when I met a bratty, snotty high school girl who seemed oddly familiar…


  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02


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