[MANGA][CBZ] Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife

You can now Download Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife manga in .cbz format.

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1946, two years after the war ended in Japan. An orphan named Wayne has been hired by District 23’s Club Primavera-the base of operations for the brothel alliance vying for power with foreign militaries and the mafia. When a series of murders strike fear and rage in the people of District 23, the prime suspect is none other than Jack, the orphan boy Wayne sees as his brother. Torn between belief and doubt, Wayne struggles to find the answer to the mystery before him-who exactly is Jack? The culprit…or just another victim?

Ryukishi07, the creator of *Higurashi When They Cry,*Umineko When They Cry, and the original Rose Guns Days; and Tsuyoshi Takaki bring the prequel of Rose Guns Days to life!

  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02



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