[MANGA][CBZ] Our Fake Marriage – Rosé

You can now Download Our Fake Marriage – Rosé manga in .cbz format.


Remi Nikitani is no shy violet—she’s elegant, direct, and ambitious, with plans to take over her father’s corporation. So she’s not interested in marrying for business or political reasons. After all, why be saddled with someone she doesn’t love when she can make her way to the top by herself? But when her father sets her up with Jun Arata, a young hotshot in his own right and someone who knows about the unrequited love Remi fostered for years, she’s thrown for a loop. She rejects him, of course, but somehow he keeps finding his way back into her life. But is he interested in her? Or does he only want to take over her business and leave her in the dust? A sexy spinoff of Our Fake Marriage!


  1. VOLUME 01


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