[MANGA][CBZ] Our Bodies, Entwining, Entwined

You can now Download Our Bodies, Entwining, Entwined manga in .cbz format.


Sex is intimate, and for some, it takes everything to bare it all… so when Misuzu was told that sex with her was “boring,” she gave it up all together… and dating, too. So when, years later, she’s asked out by her colleague, Mikage-san, she screws up her courage and gives it a shot. But it turns out Misuzu isn’t the only one with baggage around sex. Can the two of them work together to overcome their hurdles, and enjoy each other as the couple they wish to be…?

  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02
  3. VOLUME 03
  4. VOLUME 04
  5. VOLUME 05


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