[MANGA][CBZ] My Love Will Last Until the End of Time

You can now Download My Love Will Last Until the End of Time manga in .cbz format.

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Ever since he was a child, Hiroto’s had memories of his previous life: a life where he reigned as the well-respected Prince Luke and fell deeply in love with a commoner… before cruel circumstance ripped the two of them apart. For years, Hiroto has searched for his beloved Mika to no avail— until a chance encounter on his college campus brings them together.

But Kou, Mika’s reincarnation, does not remember the past that share… and Hiroto finds himself wondering if that might actually be for the best, even as he yearns to tell Kou the truth. Their love has stretched across lifetimes, and so has the pain of their parting. Will Hiroto and Kou be able to find their happy ending together?

  1. VOLUME 01


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