[MANGA][CBZ] Jealousy Blinds Love

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Once a child prodigy pianist, Shion Kirino is now a burnt-out, bitter shell of himself, lost in grief over his mother’s passing and his own dying passion toward the musical career that had defined his connection to her. When he’s approached by Kei Takase — a talented younger colleague who professes his admiration for Kirino — he ends up inviting him home for sex, intending on toying with his feelings.

When Takase isn’t deterred by Kirino’s abrasive exterior, Kirino finds that he cannot deny Takase’s unwavering devotion… But practicing piano together and celebrating Takase’s successes also stirs up Kirino’s own insecurities and distorted sense of jealousy. After a lifetime of loneliness, can he find salvation in Takase without dragging him down?

This book contains explicit sexual content. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

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