[MANGA][CBZ] Freezing – Pair Love Stories + First Chronicle + Freezing Omake

You can now Download Freezing – Pair Love Stories + First Chronicle + Freezing Omake manga in .cbz format.


Freezing Pair Love Stories (フリージング ペアラブストーリーズ) is a Freezing spin-off series written by Lim Dall Young, illustrated by Kim So Hee, and published by Comic Valkyrie. It focuses on how the Pandoras in the series met their Limiters. It began serialisation in the April 2013 issue of Comic Valkyrie and has since concluded, with a total of twelve chapters overall.

Freezing: First Chronicles (Japanese: フリージング ファーストクロニクル , Hepburn: Furījingu – Fāsuto Kuronikuru , Wapuro: Furiijingu – Fausuto Kuronikuru ; Korean: 프리징 -퍼스트 크로니클- , Revised: Peulijing – Peoseuteu Keulonikeul) is a spin-off of Freezing. The story was written by Lim Dall Young (林達永), drawn by Youn Jae Ho (尹載皓), produced by Artlim Media, published by Comic Valkyrie, into Japanese. It is also called “Freezing Another Story: First Chronicle”. It is based on the adventures of Chiffon Fairchild at West Genetics.





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