[MANGA][CBZ] Fox-Colored Jealousy

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Akiha Konno has a secret—he’s a fox boy. Well, it’s more of a fox spirit that shares his body, so sometimes he sprouts canine ears and a tail when he gets worked up. Whiiiich is exactly what happened the day he first met Yukuri Takahashi, the cute guy who saved him from the perv groping his butt on the train. Turns out, he’s the solution to Akiha’s problems. The fox wants to cuddle Yukuri, and Yukuri thinks Akiha’s body is cute, so…everything is A-okay, right? Wrong. Because Akiha is jealous of his inner spirit that’s enamored with Yukuri’s kindness, it’s only a matter of time before the feelings he has been bottling up explode…

  1. VOLUME 01


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