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Luckless, loveless and lonely, Takeya Ikuhara attends high school all day to come home to his own apartment. His whereabouts of his absent parents are as of yet a mystery, but his mother did entrust Neneko, the landlady’s daughter, with an allotment of money that the young girl is to doll out to Takeya in small amounts. One day he encounters a beautiful, and needless to say naked, girl who is light-headed from a lack of food. Though she is unable to understand Japanese, Takeya is able to learn that she is a Dears, an alien peoples who crashed-landed on Earth and have since begun integrating themselves into society. He names her Ren and brings her home. She calls him master, as is the custom among the DearS, and serves him as a slave. Of course, nosey Neneko soon learns of Takeya’s new friend and sets immediately to the task of teaching her Japanese (which the alien picks up in a night) and getting her something decent to wear (using some of Takeya’s monetary allotment). The next day, Ren wanders after Takeya all the way to school, where she is mistaken for a new DearS transfer student, a situation made madcap when the actually transfer student finally shows up.

  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02
  3. VOLUME 03
  4. VOLUME 04
  5. VOLUME 05
  6. VOLUME 06
  7. VOLUME 07
  8. VOLUME 08


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