[MANGA][CBZ] Boarding School Juliet

You can now Download Boarding School Juliet manga in .cbz format.


At Dahlia Academy, a prestigious boarding school attended by students of two feuding countries—the eastern Nation of Touwa, and the Principality of West—Romio Inuzuka, leader of the dorms’ Touwa first-years, wishes for a romance that can never be. For his ladylove is none other than his arch-enemy, Juliet Persia, leader of the dorms’ West first-years! Is Inuzuka ready to risk it all to confess his feelings? And even if Persia somehow agrees to go out with them, how long can they keep a forbidden relationship under wraps?!


  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02
  3. VOLUME 03
  4. VOLUME 04
  5. VOLUME 05
  6. VOLUME 06
  7. VOLUME 07
  8. VOLUME 08
  9. VOLUME 09
  10. VOLUME 10
  11. VOLUME 11
  12. VOLUME 12
  13. VOLUME 13
  14. VOLUME 14
  15. VOLUME 15
  16. VOLUME 16

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    1. This is not an epub file. To read cbz files on mobile, use moon +reader pro or any cbz reader. On Pc use MComix. You can try this as a last resort: rename the file, change .cbz to .zip and unzip. You will get the individual images to read.

  1. Apparently, there’s something wrong with the vol 3. Can’t open with MComic, can’t convert with Kindle Comic Converter and when I tried to change .cbz to .zip and extract it, winrar says “The achieve is corrupt” :/

  2. Hey There! I’m pretty sure that the third volume is broken, the file won’t open on any platform

  3. Can’t see the comment that i might not have sent, but when will the official version of volume 16 be uploaded? Thank you.

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