[MANGA][CBZ] Avant-Garde Yumeko

You can now Download Avant-Garde Yumeko manga in .cbz format.


High school student Yumeko Mochizuki is obsessed with guys you-know-whats…but it’s not about sex, it’s just a burning desire to see one in the flesh. Her insatiable curiosity leads her to join the art club in the hopes of finding an opportunity to do nude figure drawing, but when Shoichi, the only other member, tells her that it’s not going to happen, Yumeko takes matters into her own hands…!!This early charmer from Shuzo Oshimi (Blood on the Tracks, The Flowers of Evil) turns the prurient schoolgirl manga on its head. Yumeko is driven by her own curiosity and desires regardless of what motivates the world around her, ultimately finding herself through art and transporting the universal experience of adolescent sexual curiosity into the realm of the avant-garde.


  1. VOLUME 01


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