[MANGA][CBZ] A Certain Scientific Railgun

You can now Download A Certain Scientific Railgun manga in .cbz format.


Welcome to a world where mysticism and science collide, and supernatural powers are derived from either science or religion. At the heart of this world is Academy City, an advanced metropolis whose population is comprised mostly of students. The majority of students are enrolled in the city’s “Power Curriculum Program,” where they must learn to master their latent psychic powers. Out of several million students, only seven are deemed powerful enough to have Level 5 status. Meet Mikoto Misaka, the third most powerful Level 5 esper in Academy City. Together with her best friend Kuroko Shirai and the other members of Judgment, a student-run law enforcement agency, Mikoto delves deep into the dark heart of the scientific sprawl she calls home, and uncovers secrets she wishes she hadn’t!

  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02
  3. VOLUME 03
  4. VOLUME 04
  5. VOLUME 05
  6. VOLUME 06
  7. VOLUME 07
  8. VOLUME 08
  9. VOLUME 09
  10. VOLUME 10
  11. VOLUME 11
  12. VOLUME 12
  13. VOLUME 13
  14. VOLUME 14
  15. VOLUME 15
  16. VOLUME 16


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  1. Cool! I know volume 16 has also been out for a while – seems like there might not be too much interest for this series on this particular website, but it would be nice if you could add it.

  2. Actually, I managed to find the mega link somewhere else… so now I have to wait for volume 17 to be completed before it can be posted 😐

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