Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Volume 30 Pdf & Epub

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You can now Download Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei(The irregular at Magic High School) Volume 30 Pdf & Epub


Chasing after Minami, Tatsuya heads towards a USNA military facility! The story reaches even greater heights――!!

Taking Minami, Kudou Minoru escapes from Japan. Along with Parasite Raymond, they head for a USNA military base located in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

On the other hand, Tatsuya, who’s pursuit was blocked by the surprise intervention of Kokonoe Yakumo, hasn’t given up on Minami. He promised Miyuki to bring her back.

Where Minoru and Raymond escaped to earlier. Strange enough, the Pearl and Hermes U.S. military base is located near Midway Prison where Major Canopus is imprisoned, whom Lina wants to rescue.

Tatsuya, who has now mastered his new magic “Astral Dispersion” that destroys parasites, secretly attacks the USNA military base in order to rescue Minami and also Canopus…!!


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