Magic Knight of the Old Ways Volume 3 Epub

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You can now download Magic Knight of the Old Ways Volume 3 Epub


After brilliantly performing in the interclass games and safely taking back Tenko from the clutches of Endea, Alvin and the rest of the Blitze class continue to train and grow stronger. As they accomplish the quests assigned to them by the academy, the class is finally given recognition, and Alvin’s popularity as the prince grows further. On the other hand, while Endea is still sour from her previous defeat, Flora calls the three strongest dark knights of the Dark Order of Opus and gives the command to kill Alvin’s strongest defense: Sid Blitze. As danger slowly approaches them, the Blitze class together with the three legacy classes start their combined training camp in the fairy world. Just what kind of trials await them? Find out in the third volume of Magic Knight of the Old Ways!

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