Magic Knight of the Old Ways Volume 2 Pdf

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A little over a month has passed since Sir Sid became the instructor knight of Alvin’s class, and during that time, they’ve endured Sid’s hellish training and fought bravely, defending the capital from the dragon’s rampage. However, Blitze class must once again prove themselves as they take on the academy’s other first-year squires in the Interclass Games. With the deck stacked against them, and the class’s very survival on the line, can Alvin and the others come out victorious in one-on-one combat? Meanwhile, the ones behind the attack on the capital set their sights on Alvin’s best friend, Tenko, who is plagued by dreams of her traumatic past and unable to catch up to the rest of her classmates. The mysterious girl with the crown steps out of the shadows and uses Tenko to exact her vengeance on Alvin. Everyone will be put to the test as Alvin’s journey to the throne continues in volume two of The Magic Knight of the Old Ways.

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