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At Academy Island, everything is settled through “Games” waged for a certain number of stars, with the strongest student being granted the ranking of Seven Stars. Hiroto, a transfer student, unexpectedly beats the strongest empress and becomes the pseudo-strongest in the school! A mind game of lies and bluffs begins!

Associated Names
ライアー・ライアー 嘘つき転校生はイカサマチートちゃんとゲームを制するそうです。
  1. Liar, Liar volume 01 pdf —————– Download

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  1. Finally.. I have been waiting for this translation

    Thank you very much!!!
    I’m looking forward for vol. 2

  2. Plz add these new light novels on the all light novel list. In that way it would be easier to find. Otherwise we need to check everytime by searching the title to know if it’s available or not

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