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The Academy—a school the size of an island where students compete for ranks. Not only did Hiroto Shinohara pass the most rigorous exam in the country with top marks to transfer there, but he defeated last year’s reigning champ on his very first day, catapulting him to the rank of Seven Star in record time. …Except he didn’t. The truth is, he screwed up big time, and now he has to maintain his position there no matter what. It’s a liar’s world, after all!

Associated Names
ライアー・ライアー 嘘つき転校生はイカサマチートちゃんとゲームを制するそうです
Fan Translation
  1. VOLUME 01 Pdf: Apparently, the Lying Transfer Student Dominates Games by Cheating
Official Translation
  1. Volume 01 —————— DOWNLOAD
  2. Volume 02 —————— DOWNLOAD
  3. Volume 03 —————— DOWNLOAD

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