Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 9 Pdf

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Even dragons fall in love?!

My name’s Keima Masuda, and despite the fact I’m aiming for an easygoing life I’m a Dungeon Master, a town chief, and a pope. Goren Town’s busy with a Beddhist wedding ceremony, and now a dragon’s attacking? I feel like this is gonna be one crazy foe…

“My bad, Keima! Seems like my dumb daughter’s giving you trouble!”

It was my neighbor (dungeon)’s daughter, Igni (300 years old). That’s fine, but now there’s a bunch of adventurers coming to town to slay the dragon?! Does that mean I’m not gonna get any rest until the dragon’s gone? This is Volume 9 of my own kind of dungeon story! Time to fight the dragon with a Hero!

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