Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 10 Pdf

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I’m Keima Masuda, a Dungeon Master slash Town Chief slash Pope that dreams of a life without work. With the dragon (my neighbor’s daughter) that was causing trouble in town defeated, I was summoned to the imperial capital to be awarded for my efforts. Or rather, so Haku could see Rokuko, but whatever. As long as I get a day off work!

“I am Emmymephy, first princess and heiress apparent of the Laverio Empire!”

Yep, more crap to deal with! I’m traveling to the capital with Wataru the Hero of Debt and the imperial princess? Yeah, no way are the three of us gonna make it to the capital safely…

This is Volume 10 of my own kind of dungeon story! Thus begins a trouble-filled journey to the capital!

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