King of the Labyrinth Volume 2 Pdf

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Panzel had been one blow away from bringing an end to the minotaur’s reign, but an unexpected development put their contest on hold. Regretfully, he had to put the Sazardon Labyrinth behind him in order to save House Mercurius and the rest of the kingdom from a developing crisis. Many years have passed since then. Deep within the final boss room, the minotaur yet lives, sharpening its skills by fighting deadly monsters and the occasional human challenger. Up on the surface, a boy from House Mercurius embarks on his own journey of self-improvement. He travels to distant lands, including snow-covered mountains and ocean temples; faces untold perils; and forges many relationships. His every experience contributes to his ultimate goal of fulfilling his father’s legacy. The boy’s name is Zara, and he is the son of the hero, Panzel.


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