Infinite Stratos Volume 11 Pdf

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You can now download Infinite Stratos Volume 11 Pdf


The death of Orimura Ichika!

Phantom Task has gained control of the English anti-IS orbital cannon “Excalibur” after a successful raid, but things go wrong when the controls stop responding and it begins to de-orbit. Meanwhile, Cecilia scores a theme park birthday date with Ichika on Christmas Eve, but that glimmer in the sky isn’t a romantic flurry of snow—it’s a barrage of lasers from Excalibur! Amidst the commotion, Chelsea appears in the third BT prototype, challenging Cecilia to a duel. And the remaining cadets scramble into action to fulfill their special orders: the destruction of Excalibur before it wreaks any more havoc.

As his mission begins, Ichika rises to his final frontier…

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