Infinite Dendrogram Volume 19 Epub

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You can now download Infinite Dendrogram Volume 19 epub


As Death Period is settling into their new home in Gideon, City of Duels, the Tournaments are about to begin. Many powerful Masters, Ray Starling included, have gathered from all over to fight for the right to challenge a special UBM—but in a strange twist of fate, Ray finds himself matched against an opponent that even Altar’s Superiors would hesitate to fight.

Meanwhile, Sechs and his Illegal Frontier finally commence their plan to break out of the gaol, setting off a cascade of consequences that will echo throughout the world of Infinite Dendrogram.
Will Ray emerge victorious from his unexpected challenge? Will Sechs succeed in his plot to do the unthinkable? Or will the answers to these questions be swallowed up by another storm brewing on the horizon, as this escalating chain of events threatens to stir the Overlord of Dreams from a restless slumber?

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