I’ll Never Set Foot in That House Again Volume 4 Epub

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You can now download I’ll Never Set Foot in That House Again Volume 4 epub


In order to meet with the Spirit King Element’s old comrade “The Proxy,” Chelsea and Glen set off across the continent to plant cuttings of the Spirit Tree in different countries. Stopping in the Radzuel Empire along their travels, Micah gets to visit her home, while Chelsea and Glen get the grand reception they’d missed on their first visit. For Chelsea’s part in saving the Empire with her [Seed Creation] Skill, she’s awarded a commendation, and presented a special book detailing plants of various types. She and Glen are also welcomed as friends by the Beastmen, and after eating their fill of delicious food, the group heads for the Martec Republic! Once there, they see the Republic is suffering from an unnatural mana drought. Upon hearing the pleas of the citizens, Chelsea and Glen quickly move to attempt planting the cutting. However, the Proxy’s worshippers appear, and make another attempt on Chelsea’s life…only for the Republic’s sacred bird to swoop in and save her!

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