I Shall Survive Using Potions Volume 2 Epub

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You can now Download ” I Shall Survive Using Potions Volume 2 Epub ” Light Novel


After receiving the power to create any potion she wants, Kaoru is sent off to live her new life in a brand new world. Things don’t go exactly as she planned, though, and the truth comes out she’s friends with the goddess Celestine!

Though Kaoru tries to keep her head low despite this (emphasis on “tries”), she can’t help but put her potion powers to use, drawing the attention of both countries she’s already passed through.

Now it’s time for Kaoru to put her brand new schemes into action!

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  1. The link is still broken, now the link will take you to malware site after doing shotzon verify, but still can’t get the file

    1. No the link is active, after the shotzon, you will be redirected to an adfly page. Click skip ad at the top right corner after 5secs and access the final link. If you still can’t get the books after all that, Download our Mobile App Zerobooks App You can access all the books easily from the App.

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