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A new life. An old contract. A promise made.

Ranhee, once a famed patissier, woke up in the body of Luciella, the daughter of a duke and the female lead of a novel she’d once read. Tired of endlessly laboring her life away, she decided to enjoy the privileges now available to her and live a life of luxury.

However, reality proves to be far from rose-scented. Her fiancé, Cladis, gets entangled in a love affair and, upon making that discovery, Ella declares enough is enough. She’s leaving the palace; no marriage will take place, no matter what anyone says. She’s putting herself first, plot be damned.

Not long after, her now ex-fiancé seeks her out and grovels at her feet. He’s shrouded by melancholy and begging for a second chance. One year is all he asks for. One year in which he may prove his love and loyalty. Will he succeed in making Ella accept his heart?

Faced with such turbulent waters, will Luciella sink or swim?

  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02
  3. VOLUME 03

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