Hell Mode Volume 5 Pdf

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After defeating a Demonic Deity and leading Rohzenheim to victory, the No-life Gamers now set their sights on the Rank S dungeon. Before they head to Baukis, though, Allen uses his new elven connections to arrange for the Gamers to graduate from the Academy early.

Allen then brings the gang to Krena Village to drop in on his family and introduce everyone. What’s supposed to be a simple trip, however, quickly escalates into something more. It turns out that when Keel’s family had their House restored, their lands were also returned to them—including the nest of the white dragon that has terrorized the area for centuries!

The group eventually makes their way to Baukis and reunites with Meruru with much pomp and circumstance. There, they stand together before the Tower of Tribulations, the Rank S dungeon that no one—not even Hero Helmios nor the champions of ages past—has ever cleared.

Challenges and encounters galore await the No-life Gamers where all the world’s greatest fighters gather!

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